ABLE2B@Home for an individual

The Able2B@Home concept was developed to deliver adapted exercise classes into your own home.

Set up during the Covid-19 crisis, to help people stay active and to give a sense of community support, it can also be used by people who are unable to get out of they own home or who live too far away to attend our classes in person.

Currently our classes, run by Jon Thaxton are being offered daily Mon, Wed and Fri at 11am, lasting approximately 30 mins.

Signing up to the classes means you can access as many or as few as you wish through the week. A link code is sent by email for each class a day or so in advance.

Sign-up also allows you access to our closed facebook group Able2B@Home where class links and updates are posted and the community can also support each other via social media.

Sign-up cost is £25 per month per household.

To find out more and sign up email info@able2b.co.uk

Live classes will be run by a trained coach. Supervision during the session will be limited to verbal and visual instruction. It is the responsibility of participants to ensure they are participating in a safe environment, free from obstacles and supervised by an adult where appropriate and using any aids required to ensure safe participation. Work within your own ability, if any exercise feels difficult or you are unable to do, please refrain from doing it. If you feel unwell, please stop your participation in the class. If you have any concerns during the session or you are unable to understand the instructions given fully, please stop the activity immediately. Able2B is not able to accept any responsibility for injuries or problems occurring during the class. 

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