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Able2B is a community interest company set up to develop services that help improve function for children and adults with a disability.

The initiative was developed in 2016 by Rachael Hutchinson, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Jon Thaxton, retired boxer and personal trainer. The aim was to help people with a disability optimise their aerobic fitness and muscle strength as well as improve their concentration and self confidence in a fun way.

The service has gradually built from a single small class in a local boxing club to having received the Active Norfolk Award for ‘Services to Disability Sport’ in 2017 & 2018. Receiving backing from JustforChildren and Irwin Mitchell Solicitors has enabled us to move to a new adapted gym site at Norwich Clinic, 9, Gilchrist Close, Norwich NR4 6AT, so that we can develop this concept further, reaching a wider audience.

One thing that is clear from our classes is that they not only offer a way to improve cardiovascular fitness, but also improve self-belief, concentration and self-confidence.

Having chronic illnesses or receiving a diagnosis of a chronic problem later in life can lead to a loss of self-belief in what might be possible for the individual.

Having learnt from our initial classes and being in our own facility, allows us to expand the initial concept to offer classes to other client groups-such as those with learning difficulties, the deaf and partially sighted, post stroke and heart attack patients, diabetes and obesity.

Using Jon’s experience in motivational work and our experience in working around medical problems and the issues that may occur we can achieve outcomes that make a massive difference to day to day life.

We are also able to offer advice to schools and local businesses with regards to inclusivity, work experience and employment, in the aim to improve opportunities for teenagers and young adults with a disability.

Our aim is to help individuals whatever their problems to Discover their Ability and show their family, friends and society what is possible if you just believe.

If you are interested in developing classes with full medical support for a specific group of people, please contact us to discuss further

Where are we now?

Due to our success and high demand for our service, we have employed a whole team! This means that we can offer more sessions and classes. 

Recently, we have extended our facility so we have double the space and excitingly part of this is a hydrotherapy pool!

We have started a frame running club, which is a brilliant disability sport! We run this at our local University Sports track.

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To officially open our UNIQUE service for children & adults

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