Schools And Organisations

Bespoke Classes for Schools

Main Stream Schools

We are able to provide classes within the school setting or at our gym site. We also have some funding streams that can help reduce costs for schools who wish to be involved in our projects.

Special Educations Needs Schools

Able2B has been increasing its programme of support within schools around Norfolk. We are able to offer fitness classes to children with SEN needs, both in the mainstream school setting and also within special needs schools.

Our team of specialists are ideally placed to understand the needs of the children and the difficulties that both they and the schools face in maintaining fitness and finding activities where they can push their physical abilities safely.

Individual Support for Students

We offer individual support for students……

Supported Work Experience

Finding work experience and moving into employment is daunting and difficult for any teenager. Teenagers with a disability can face huge difficulties in finding work experience placements, which then leaves them in a further disadvantaged position when it comes to making the right long-term decisions for themselves and finding employment.

At Able2B we can support the individual by discussing their areas of interest, helping them and the employer understand the difficulties that may be faced and supporting them in a placement with an employer.

Teacher/Provider Training

We offer Teacher/Provider Training……


Discover your ability challenge 2022

Pairing up children and young adults with and without disability to demonstrate what can be achieved working together and understanding each other.

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