Business Support and Training

Inclusivity Consulting

Our team of directors at Able2B have a wealth of experience in understanding what the barriers may be to integrating a person with a disability into the workplace successfully.

As well as providing employment and facilities that meet the needs of the individual, it is essential that that person feels part of the team and integrates fully.

Often perceptions by employers and other employees can limit this integration and it can be harder to achieve good team working and therefore efficiency in the workplace.

Supported Work Experience

Finding work experience and moving into employment is daunting and difficult for any teenager. Teenagers with a disability can face huge difficulties in finding work experience placements, which then leaves them in a further disadvantaged position in making the right long-term decisions for themselves and finding employment.

At Able2B we can support the individual by discussing their areas of interest, helping them and the employer understand the difficulties that may be faced and supporting them in a placement with an employer.

Adapted Team Building Sessions for
All Abilities

Small group training allows an individual to work on specific elements of physical function and rehabilitation. Working in a similar way to elite sport training, the individual will work on their pre-arranged programme around various pieces of equipment under the supervision of a personal trainer or physiotherapist.

Individual clients move into these sessions after an initial functional assessment to determine their goals and abilities.

Disabled Employee Support In The Work Place

The health and well-being of your staff is of prime importance in achieving an efficient happy work-place. Companies offering their employees options to improve their general fitness, well-being and team working also have better staff retainment.

Any employee with a disability needs access to the same services as their fellow employees. Feeling ‘part of the team’ can also be more difficult.

At Able2B we can offer fitness, well-being and team building activities that can include all employees, including those with a disability.

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