Looking to Volunteer?

Able2b prides itself on being a welcoming and educational place not only for clients but also for our volunteers. We love meeting new people and we would love to meet you if you’re interested in experiencing something new.

You will be in a gym environment with lots of different people with different abilities. Helping people achieve their fitness goals is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Some people who come to us have no movement and in a matter of months, they become much more independent. This progress is something to witness and we can be sure you won’t forget it.

To qualify, you need to be 12 years old or older and have an interest in fitness, disability, sports etc.


We will upload updates about our volunteering opportunities to our social media which you can find on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter which you can look at any time.

You can also check it out for yourself by paying as a visit at Unit 9, Gilchrist Close, Bessemer Road, Norwich, NR4 6AT and have a chat with Ellis who will show you around. When you come in, you’ll be able to work closely with a trainer and you can stay for an hour or longer if you want, just to get used to the gym. 

We also go to some career fairs where we will promote the opportunity to volunteer.

Finally, often if you are taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh or People at Uni with the University of East Anglia you will most likely have to do volunteering hours. Why not do them with us?

So come in, say hi and watch where it takes you. We can’t wait to meet you.

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