Why Choose Able2B?

Able2B Client Experience

See why Sam brings her children to Able2B.

Able2B prides itself in understanding that self-belief and building confidence are just as important as improving your physical function.

Providing an environment where each person can feel supported is an essential part of our services.

Harper's Story

View Harper’s Journey with Able2B.

Harper has Cerebral Palsy and wasn’t able to walk. We helped build her strength and coordination and supported her through SDR surgery and beyond.

Harper now walks INDEPENDANTLY!!!

Making her visits to Able2B fun and part of the family routine allows for a sense of normality and also means we can adjust her sessions to grow with her as she gets older and her ability improves.

She LOVES coming to Able2B and sees Ella has her ‘twin princess’ and one of her friends.

Building relationships with clients and their families is a priority for the team at Able2B.

If we hadn’t found Able2B she wouldn’t be doing what she’s doing now, she’s learned everything here”

Steve Sharrocks – Harper’s Dad

Why this works where traditional NHS physiotherapy fails.

Able2B bases it methods on those similar to Sport’s Medicine.

Making a top athlete the best they can be involves working as a team, where everyone has a positive working relationship and knows each other well. Working regularly is key, using the experts to guide whilst the individual and those around them deliver. It is essential to focus on all the different elements including strength, control, proprioception, self belief, nutrition and repetition. This is no different for anyone else, including individuals with a disability.

We all learn day to day tasks through repetition, common patterns and belief that we can achieve that task. At Able2B we use these priniciples in designing the sessions for our clients.

For those with a neurodisability little and often is the key to success. We want quality not quantity and so our sessions are short taking into account that bad patterns and injuries are built when tired and focus is lost. We provide affordable options to allow individuals the ability to access our specialist skills in a frequent affordable way that is not only cost-effective but extremely effective in improving outcomes

Don't Always Believe What You Hear!

At Able2B we recognise the importance of mindset.

With a chronic condition it is very easy to focus on what can’t be done rather than remembering what might be possible.

We 100% focus on the positives in EVERY individual to optimise what can be used to supplement the parts that are not working so well.

The results speak for themselves!

We help all ages

We can help individuals from 0-100+ years!!

We have clients with congenital diseases and those with acquired disability such as after a stroke or head injury, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and many more.

We pride ourselves in working with clients with no voluntary movement and also with very severe behavioural and learning disabilities.

At Able2B we will NOT turn anyone away. We can’t always promise success and that we will get it right all the time, but we will give it our best efforts and passion and have some fun trying too!!!

Social Prescribing

Able2B’s methods are a great example of social prescribing benefitting the individual and society.

We can show how, in a very cost effective way, large numbers of individuals with chronic conditions can be supported to improve their outcomes over a long period of time.

Working alongside NHS and public sector organisations could lead to a much more effective and cheaper system of care.

Learn the Able2B Method

Able2B is able to run one day or bespoke courses for personal trainers, businesses, gyms, therapists and teachers to teach the fundamentals behind their systems that allows them to work with a very diverse group of individuals whatever their ability.

Do you want your Business to be Inclusive?

Able2B can provide you with the tools to be successful in integrating individuals with a disability into your work teams.

Our Client Stories


Inclusivity is something we strive to improve in the community at Able2B.

We recognise the limitations that are due to individual, carer and society’s perception of what might be possible.

We therefore support and run various schemes to improve knowledge of disability, change perceptions and show how true inclusivity can work.

View our Discover Your Ability Event below which is one of the initiatives we have developed to change perceptions.

Discover your ability challenge

Pairing up children and young adults with and without disability to demonstrate what can be achieved working together and understanding each other.

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