Carers – Reiki & Relaxation

Reiki and Relaxation sessions can be booked with Victoria Clarke.

Sessions take place in our therapy room on a 1:1 basis.

Sessions will be available Mondays and Wednesdays between 9.30am and 4pm.

Ideal for carers and also adults with a disability to learn methods to deal with pain, anxiety and focus. 

A great way to maintain your well-being 

£20 per session / £100 for a block of 6 

Contact us to book a session.

Reiki:  In recent years more and more people are re-awakening to the great benefits of this type of treatment, becoming much more mainstream  in well-being clinics, therapy centres and even within modern health services.  The very essences of human nature is to touch to comfort someone and this creates unseen energy between one another. Spiritual healing methods are the practice of consciously channeling or transferring this subtle energy from one person to another.

What happens in a Reiki treatment: Before you begin your first treatment there will be an initial consultation. This will include an explanation of the treatment and a conversation about medical history and current medical health. There is no necessity to disclose information unless you feel comfortable.

After the consultation, you will lie down in a comfortable position, fully clothed however shoes and glasses will be asked to be removed. There will also be a blanket and pillow available. During the treatment I will be placing mu hands gently on your body, or above if you would prefer. The touch will be light and include no manipulation or massaging. The positioning of hands should not be intrusive or make you feel uncomfortable.

How will I feel: Everyone has different experiences during the treatment. For some people they feel a release of emotions or a tingling sensation. The most often reported response if a feeling of clam, relaxation and well-being. Some people feel nothing but still report a sense of well-being following the treatment. I advise drinking lots of water before and after the treatment.

What can Reiki help me with: The treatment should be used alongside medical treatment to help aid healing. Reiki can help with short term problems or help long term with health and well-being. The treatment can help restore confidence and peace. It can help with managing anxiety, pain and fatigue. 

How many sessions do I need: Some people benefit from just a single treatment however, most people report cumulative benefit from a course of treatment with weekly intervals.

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