Our Superb Team Of Professionals

Ella Thaxton

Senior Trainer & Able2B Safe-guarding Lead

Chris Downing

Volunteer Administrator

Kieran Hall

Trainer & Frame Running Lead

Ellis Watts

Apprentice & Volunteer Lead

James Harwood

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Callum Stockwell

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Kacey Thaxton

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Bethany Palmer

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Not Forgetting…..Our Brilliant Volunteers

Rachael Hutchinson

MB ChB MD FRCS (Tr. & Orth.)

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Co-founder Able2B
Medical Classifier for British Para-swimming
Lead Medical Classifier
British Disability Table Tennis
REPs Level 2 Fitness Instructor Children & Adults

Rachael Hutchinson has already created a legacy across Norfolk and Norwich dedicated to providing a paediatric orthopaedic service to improve the pathways of children with disabilities. This department started in 2008 and 16 years on, it has grown exponentially.  Starting with just herself, she now has four consultants covering the Easton region and the Surrounding General Hospitals. The hope here is to ensure that any child, wherever they are, has access to high-quality, specialised expertise in Orthopaedics.

Originally from Norwich, she is a Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon working in the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital where she treats both adults and children. But her career took her around the globe before she settled back in her hometown in 2008. She completed her medical training in Leeds and the majority of her orthopaedic training in Sheffield. In and amongst this, she also did a post-graduate degree in gait analysis and assessment of function. Further to this, Rachael was given fellowships in America and Australia which added to her experience tremendously as it expanded her knowledge when it came to working with children with orthopaedic and neurodisability difficulties.

Over time, Rachael has set up and run regular NHS clinics for patients with cerebral palsy being a part of an experienced multi-disciplinary team at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. She also treats complex foot and ankle problems.

Rachael’s passion is in optimising function in children, whether at elite sport level or with a disability, she feels strongly that all children can improve their physical abilities if they have a good understanding of their own bodies particularly when it comes to their balance of range of motion over strength and control. She feels strongly that all children should have all the opportunities to succeed and have the same experiences in life as anyone else. As a consultant she has become hyper-aware of the lack of fitness opportunities available for the disabled community, especially knowing how important this is, perhaps more so for them than for the able-bodied community. She wants to, and has, changed this.

“Being at Able2B just makes me happy. The atmosphere is such a friendly, supportive place not just for clients but for us as staff too-when I walk in the building my mood just lifts and I don’t want to leave!”

Jon Thaxton

Former Professional Sportsman
Personal Trainer
British Boxing Board of Control Certified Boxing Coach
Certificate in Instructing Health Related Exercise in Children
Level 2 Health Related Exercise for Children
Weight Management Centre Certificate for Children-safe exercise for overweight & obese
Motivational Speaker
Anti-bullying Campaigner
Co-founder Able2B

Co-founder of Able2BExperienced, motivational, one-of-a-kind. These are just a few of the ways to describe this invaluable team member. As an ex-boxer, Jon Thaxton has had many years of experience of boxing, being a trainer, fitness advisor and motivational speaker.
Inspiring many to believe in themselves and achieve their goals, he has worked with children in school, addressing areas such as physical fitness, self confidence and bullying, and as such has trustworthy knowledge about the elements needed to achieve successful outcomes. His ability to motivate and encourage is second to none and so is fantastic at providing a fun and varied fitness programme, accessible to all ranges of physical ability.
In his 17-year career, Jon has achieved the European and British lightweight boxing titles which takes a lot more than just simple physical strength. Mental agility, self-belief and motivation were all critical in Jon’s ability to succeed in the sport. Being second-best was never an option, “I’ve always believed in aiming for the top, the determination to win pulses through my veins.”
He had his first professional fight in December 1992, beating Scott Smith. In his early career he fought as a light-welterweight; his first fight for a major title was in September 1996, when he won the WBO Intercontinental Light-Welterweight title, beating Bernard Paul of Mauritius. In November 1997, he won the IBF Intercontinental Light-Welterweight title, beating Rimvidas Bilius of Lithuania. Losing both titles in September 1998, being knocked out in the seventh round after an epic battle in the ring, was a major setback which he was determined to return from stronger and better.
There where further setbacks in the ring between 1999 and 2002 against three worthy opponents Jason Rowland, Ricky Hatton and Eamonn Magee when he did not manage to dent his ambition; it was a road accident which eventually sidelined him for the next two years.
Digging deep with a strong sense of belief that he could achieve success again, in April 2005 he knocked out Frenchman Christophe De Busillet in the fourth round, to take the vacant WBF world lightweight title. In September 2005, he defended the title against Romanian Vasile Dragomir, scoring a knockout in the fourth round. In December 2006, he fought Lee Meager, the holder of the British lightweight title, he scored a unanimous points victory to take the title. In March 2007, he defended the British lightweight title against Scott Lawton, winning by a technical knockout in the seventh. In October 2007, he defended the British lightweight title again, this time against Dave Stewart, winning by a technical knockout in the twelfth round. In April 2008, he challenged Yuri Romanov, of Belarus, for his European lightweight title. The fight was stopped at the start of the sixth when his corner refused to let him come out due to bad cuts. This was his first defeat after twelve straight wins. On October 4, 2008, he captured the vacated European lightweight title in the third round of the contest against Spaniard Juan Carlos Melero Diaz.
Safe to say, he has extensive boxing credentials and the lessons of resilience and motivation he has learnt have surely helped him as a mentor and trainer at Able2B
“I love what I do now more than actually boxing. I love helping people! What a great feeling, to go home, drive home knowing you’ve made a difference to someone’s life!”