DYA 2024 Press Release

Dear Editor

We would be very grateful if you were able to cover this story/event happening this Sunday. It is a follow on from the story of a young man the BBC covered as part of their video for BBC Sports Personality of the Year Unsung Hero of the Year East Region Award showing how much progress he has made to take on this challenge but also in itself as an event truly inspiring.

 ‘Discover Your Ability 2024’ will take place this Sunday 16th June. This Able2B annual event in collaboration with Norwich School, Irwin Mitchell and the Just4children Charity brings SEN children together with mainstream children to complete a challenge at the lower close Cathedral Grounds. An example of truly inclusive community work, it is changing perceptions of disability for our young adults of the future.

The event also incorporates a 1km sponsored walk for adults with a disability, many of whom were told they would never walk again after stroke, head injury or other life event.

The theme this year has been to come along and ‘walk with Harvey!’. Harvey suffered a spontaneous brain haemorrhage age 18 and on discharge from the rehabilitation hospital came to visit Able2B with no self-confidence and little belief of walking again. Harvey was featured in a short video in December 2023 when cofounder Rachael Hutchinson was awarded East Region Sports Personality of the Year Unsung Hero Award. At this point he was learning to stand and step again with some success. Less than 6 months on he is now able to walk across the gym unaided and intends to walk the 1km with a single stick alongside the supportive community that is Able2B.

With over 100 people involved of all ages finding and completing their indivudla challenge, this event is a true example of inclusivity and community working at it’s best, inspiring not just the individuals to Discover Their Ability but also showing the power of community to help achieve this.

Follow these links to find out more about Harvey:

Follow these links to find out more about Discover Your Ability:

Our Press Centre https://able2b.co.uk/press-centre/

Rachael Hutchinson

Cofounder Able2B

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